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Show artwork for Wild

The Secret in the Wings

February 26 - March 26, 2005

Bagley Wright Theater

Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman's The Secret in the Wings is a fantastic retelling of four emotionally-charged but unfamiliar fairy tales, Three Blind Queens, Allerleirah, The Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh and Silent for Seven Years, framed by a unique twist on Perrault’s beloved classic, Beauty and the Beast. Her altogether spellbinding, visually captivating and surprise-filled tapestry of rarely told European fairy tales are often strange and warping stories. And like the very best of the genre, children may enjoy Zimmerman’s fairy tales, but it is adults who will find them the most evocative, fulfilling and visionary.

Cast and Production

The Ensemble

Mark Alhadeff

Chris Donahue

Laura Eason

Anne Fogarty

Raymond Fox

Louise Lamson

Eric Lochtefeld

Tiffany Scott

Phil Smith


Scenic Designer

Dan Ostling

Costume Designer

Mara Blumenfeld

Lighting Designer

TJ Gerckens

Sound Designer

André Pluess

Sound Designer

Ben Sussman

Stage Manager

Michael B. Paul

Assistant Stage Manager

Wendiana Walker