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Anna in the Tropics

October 2 - 30, 2004

Bagley Wright Theater

Winner of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize, Anna in the Tropics  is a lush, poetic drama by the author of Beauty of the Father and Lorca in a Green Dress, among others. Directed by Sharon Ott, Cruz’s romantic drama is set in a Florida cigar factory in the 1920s where cigar makers struggle to preserve their tradition in the face of impending modernity and mechanization. Into this evocative setting comes a man known as a “lector,” who reads aloud in the custom of his time. His chosen book is Anna Karenina and the emotions unleashed as the story is read changes the destiny of everyone who listens. Playwright Nilo Cruz subtly interweaves the two stories until they echo one another in a heady mix of love and betrayal.


Cast and Production


Santiago Alcalar

John Herrera

Chester, also known as Cheché

Peter Allas

Marela, Santiago’s younger daughter

Tanya Perez

Conchita, Santiago’s elder daughter

Romi Dias

Ofelia, Santiago’s wife

Maria Elena Ramirez

Juan Julian Rios, the lector

Bryant Mason

Palomo, husband of Conchita

Paolo Andino


Paolo Andino


Rose Cano


Gary Michael Estrada


Beethovan Oden


Nathan Smith


Scenic Designer

Hugh Landwehr

Costume Designer

Deb Trout

Lighting Designer

Peter Maradudin

Sound Designer

Steve LeGrand

Stage Manager

Julie Haber

Assistant Stage Manager

Suzie Haufle