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Show artwork for Wild

Bad Dates

November 20 - December 18, 2004

Leo K. Theater

Haley Walker is a restaurant manager who may have stumbled into a precarious situation with the Romanian mob, and a shoe connoisseur who could turn Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex in the City” green with envy. Haley is re-entering the dating scene – that bizarre social ritual between men and women that is the basis for the continuation of the human species. But as revealed in Bad Dates, the road to co-habitation is a bumpy one. From the privacy of her bedroom where she prepares for or unwinds from her dates, Haley relates a series of hilarious tales from her colorful experiences, reminding us all that the search for love must begin from within.

Cast and Production


Haley Walker

Anne Allgood


Scenic Designer

Scott Weldin

Costume Designer

Melanie Burgess

Lighting Designer

Connie Yun

Sound Designer

Steve LeGrand

Stage Manager

Stephanie Toste

Production Assistant

Claire Zawa