Getting Here and After You Arrive

Where are you located?

Seattle Rep is located in the northwest corner of the Seattle Center on Mercer Street.


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Where is the best place to park?

  • There are a number of parking lots available within walking distance of the theater. Be advised that rates fluctuate based on the number of activities happening at Seattle Center.
  • For a map of accessible parking click here.  
  • Visit the Seattle Center's website for more information about parking, traffic, alternate routes, and heavy traffic days.
  • If you have Seattle Center parking questions please contact 206.233.3989

Can I bring my kids?

Seattle Rep generally recommends our performances for ages 13 and older. There may be some shows that are appropriate for children ages 6-13. Seattle Rep does not allow babes in arms or children under five. For specific information of the suitability of a performance, please call the Patron Services Office at 206.443.2222 or visit our Play Guides page.

What is the dress code?

It’s Seattle! Layers recommended, comfort suggested, shoes required.

When does the lobby open?

The lobby opens one hour before the performance of each show. The theater opens for seating a half hour before the performance of each show.

What amenities does your lobby offer?

We have a full bar with specialty cocktails for each show and an espresso bar with pastries and other small snacks. We accept credit cards before the show and during intermission. Note: You can pre-order a drink for intermission! We have a Coat Check in the lobby as well. It’s $1 per item – cash only. The Shop at Seattle Rep offers a wide assortment of jewelry, books, and show-related items, including scripts and posters. Our concierge desk is staffed with someone who can advise you about restaurants, call a cab for you, or answer any questions.

Are food and drinks allowed in the theater?

Drinks are allowed in the theater in approved containers. Food is prohibited.

Buying Single Tickets

How much are tickets?

For performances in the Bagley Wright Theater, single ticket prices range from $17 and up, depending on performance, date, and seat location. For performances in the Leo K. Theater, tickets range from $30 and up.

We have a variety of discount options, found here

Our subscription packages offer a variety of cost-effective options ranging from $99 and up. 

How do rush tickets work?

Half-price rush tickets are available 1 hour before any performance for any seats, excluding D level in the Bagley Wright Theater. If there are no seats available, standing room tickets will be sold at D level pricing, which ranges from $17-$32, depending on the performance date.

Please call the Patron Services Office with pricing questions for a specific performance. There is generally a money-back guarantee available for standing room tickets; however, rush tickets are a final sale. For more detailed information on rush or standing room tickets, please call the Patron Services Office at 206.443.2222

Do you have Pay What You Choose performances?

We have Pay What You Choose performances for the majority of our shows. They are opportunities for you to come and pay as much as you are able - over $1! Sign up for Discounted Tickets Offer in our eNewsletter to be notified by e-mail of these dates, or call the Patron Services Office at 206.443.2222 to find out the status and dates of the Pay What You Choose performances.

When and where can I buy tickets for shows?

Tickets may be purchased online or through the Patron Services Office over the phone at 206.443.2222 or in person. There is no guarantee that a ticket is valid when you purchase it from a third party. Seattle Rep only guarantees tickets purchased via our website, our Patron Services Office, or from any of our official ticket vendors.

Do you have group discounts available? Who do I call to reserve a school or education group?

Contact Group Sales Manager Veliere Crump at 206.443.2224 or at for group discounts and sales. 

Contact our Youth Engagement Director at about reserving student matinee tickets for a school or education group.

2021/22 Season Subscriptions

Will you still be offering the 6 Pack of flexible vouchers?

At this time, we are not offering voucher packs for the 2021/22 season. We are offering seated package options (Premier Package and Bagley Wright Theater Package) as well as our 4-Play and 3-Play Patron Choice Subscriptions.

For a new way to attend Seattle Rep with ultimate flexibility, check out the Presale Pass. With the new Presale Pass, you can enjoy all the season-long benefits offered to Seattle Rep subscribers, along with the freedom to pick your own seats and dates, and early access to secure your tickets for our biggest upcoming shows.

Why is my package more/less expensive this year?

Your package is less expensive than you normally would have paid because we are producing fewer shows this season than we have previously (6 shows vs. 8 shows).

There are a multitude of reasons why your package might be more expensive - this may have to do with changes in day of week pricing, locations within the theater, discounts, etc. To learn more about how a specific pricing change has impacted you, call the Patron Services Office at 206.443.2222. 

Is my seat changing because of the renovation in the Bagley Wright Theater?

All seats on the main floor of the Bagley Wright Theater will likely shift due to the renovation. We have done our best to get you as close to your previous seats as possible. If you’re concerned about your seats, please call our Patron Services Office at 206.443.2222 and we can walk you through all your options.

Keep in mind: This is new for us too! While we can give you all the information we have at this time, we won’t know what exactly everything looks like until we’re ready to welcome audiences back to the theater. 

When can I begin exchanging tickets?

Subscribers will be able to exchange their tickets for individual shows during Subscriber Courtesy Week, taking place in early November 2021. Make sure you’re signed up for our email alerts so you’re receiving our save the dates! 

How can I change my seats?

There are three easy ways you can change your season subscription seats:

  1. Renew online with your changes 
  2. Complete the invoice we mailed you and include your changes, then return the invoice via postal mail 
  3. Give our Patron Services team a call at 206.443.2222 

It’s helpful for us to know if you have an idea of what seating changes you would like to make (i.e. move towards the center, closer to the stage, on an aisle, etc.). Review our updated seat maps for reference. 

What if I don’t like my new seats once I’ve sat in them?

It’s perfectly fine if you arrive at the theater, sit down, and decide those seats aren’t for you! On the day-of, check in with a house manager or usher to discuss relocation options before the performance begins. After the performance, call the Patron Services Office and we’ll help find other seats for you for the remainder of the season. This is all new to us, too, and our priority is making sure our subscribers enjoy their seats all season long! 

When can I get tickets for Public Works’ The Winter’s Tale?

Early access to Seattle Rep’s Public Works production of The Winter’s Tale will be available to subscribers during Subscriber Courtesy Week, which will begin in early November 2021.