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At Seattle Rep, we are eager to welcome the next generation of theatergoers! Check out our show-by-show age recommendations and subscription or single-ticket options for caregivers interested in bringing young people to the theater.

Parents know their children best! If you have questions about any of these productions and whether the content is suitable for your child, please do not hesitate to contact our Patron Services Office online or at 206.443.2222. 

  • Artwork for Quixote Nuevo

    Quixote Nuevo

    Aging Cervantes professor Jose Quijano isn’t going down without a fight. When his family tries to move him to an assisted living facility, Jose escapes on his valiant tricycle steed in search of his long-lost love. Reality and fantasy blur in the Texas desert, as Jose dubs himself Don Quixote and embarks on a fantastic, death-defying journey to discover the truth of his past. Underscored by vibrant Tejano music, Quixote Nuevo is a humorous and heartfelt quest towards becoming the hero of your own story. 

    Age Recommendation: 14+. Young people will enjoy the dramatic production effects but may find it difficult at times to distinguish Jose's literature-inspired and dementia-induced dream sequences from his reality. Both English and Spanish are spoken in this production. Youth may also be challenged to understand the political implications of life around and across the U.S./Mexico border. There are mentions of violence and sexuality, and some adult language and innuendo.

    Production Advisory: Contains strobe lights and fog.

    Content Advisory: This production contains complex themes. For a detailed content advisory, including potential spoilers, and for resources for support around these topics, click here.

    Youth Guide: Check out a detailed synopsis, character breakdown, articles, hands-on activity, and more in the Quixote Nuevo Youth Guide in Enlish here and Spanish here.


  • Artwork for Sanctuary City

    Sanctuary City

    Winter, 2001, Newark, NJ. Two DREAMers—pre-DACA—meet up on the fire escape, which happens most nights. Both undocumented teens, they grapple with life’s challenges, from family to their futures. When one becomes a naturalized citizen, she promises to marry the other so he can receive his papers and truly start his life. As time passes and their relationship shifts, both must confront what they are willing to sacrifice to live freely and belong. This searing and captivating new play by Pulitzer Prize winner Martyna Majok asks what we’re willing to risk for those we love. 

    Age Recommendation: 14+. Teens may appreciate a play that revolves around other young people, but moments of teenage levity are few. Much of the characters' conversation alludes to immigration requirements and they speak frankly about anti-immigrant prejudice. There is also some profanity, and mentions of sexual situations and domestic violence.


  • Artwork for Fat Ham

    Fat Ham

    Juicy, a young queer Black man, has a lot on his plate. His mother just married his uncle after the untimely death of his father, whose ghost appears at a family barbecue demanding that Juicy avenge his murder. Sound familiar? Fresh from its Broadway debut, this Pulitzer Prize-winning play inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a sparkling and uproarious new comedy about seeking love and liberation. 

    Age Recommendation: 16+. Amongst the hilarity, the play explores a lot of hard-hitting topics, including homophobia and heterosexism, racism and racial slurs, fatphobia, and intergenerational trauma. There is also frank discussion of sexual situations and two moments of violence, one including blood.

    Production Advisory: This production uses smoke and haze.


  • Artwork for Jinkx Monsoon & Maj. Scales: Together Again, Again

    Jinkx Monsoon & Maj. Scales: Together Again, Again

    The year is 2065. The sun has exploded, a dystopian nightmare has been realized, and the world has been taken over by aliens. RuPaul’s Drag Race Winner Jinkx Monsoon and musical prodigy Major Scales aren’t on the best of terms, but decide to put their falling-out behind them for a final reunion extravaganza. From the creators of 2014’s crowd favorite The Vaudevillians, experience the comedy, music, and saucy stylings of two of the Pacific Northwest’s standout entertainers. 

    Age Recommendation: 14+. Bawdy, drag-centered humor abounds, along with some profanity, jokes about alcoholism, and a running gag about the imminent end of the human race. That said, if you and your family would sit down together to watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” nothing on stage here is likely to shock you. 


  • Artwork for The Tempest

    The Tempest

    The powerful Prospero, banished to a magical island by a conniving sibling, bewitches a storm to bring them back together for a final showdown—will it be revenge or reconciliation? Sprites abound, young lovers meet, and mischief is made as two very different worlds collide. With a cast of 60+ and featuring spectacular guest performances from local community groups, Seattle Rep’s Public Works community brings to life this musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s otherworldly adventure. 

    Age Recommendation: 5+. This family-friendly production offers lots of singing, dancing, and spectacle for kids to enjoy. Preschoolers and early elementary students may find some of the Shakespeare-inspired dialogue challenging, but those moments are few and contextualized in ways that keep the plot engaging. 

    Youth Guide: Check out the show's synopsis, character breakdown, articles, and more in The Tempest Youth Guide here.  


  • Artwork for Passengers


    Your train is about to depart the station and a cirque spectacular awaits. Through contemporary dance, music, and extraordinary acrobatics, a breathtaking series of vignettes tells the unique stories of reunions and goodbyes from the strangers that surround you onboard. From contemporary physical theater troupe The 7 Fingers comes this jaw-dropping ride you must see to believe.

    Age Recommendation: 7+. With one impressive physical feat after another on stage and no narrative to follow, this performance is suitable for school-aged kids who are capable of sitting through a 90-minute show with no intermission.

    Production Advisory: Theatrical haze, two brief moments of flashing lights.

    Youth Guide: Check out the show's synopsis, history, articles, and more in the Passengers Youth Guide here.


  • Artwork for Islander


    Myth and reality collide when the tide washes a mysterious stranger onto the shore of Eilidh’s lonely island, changing her life forever. Join us for a musical showcase of epic storytelling, intimately staged with a contemporary Scottish folk-inspired score. Two actors embody a host of characters while weaving, building, and layering their voices using live looping technology.

    Age Recommendation: 11+. This show’s humor and plucky young protagonist will appeal to middle-school theatergoers, and the musically inclined will enjoy the chance to observe the music being recorded and layered live on stage. Kids may find the Scottish dialect and overlapping musical dialogue challenging to follow, and may get confused as the actors each portray multiple characters with no costume changes. Themes of environmental decline and land displacement may be troubling.

    Production Advisory: This production uses light stage haze and contains brief moments of flashing lights.

    Youth Guide: Check out the show's synopsis, history, articles, and more in the Islander Youth Guide here.


  • Artwork for Little Women

    Little Women

    Jo March isn’t concerned with what’s “ladylike.” Actually, she’s not sure she wants to be a lady at all. An aspiring writer, Jo must negotiate with society's expectations to realize her dreams. Against the backdrop of the Civil War, the March sisters grow together and apart, discovering love, joy, and loss as they learn the importance of family and being true to oneself. Kate Hamill's (Pride and Prejudice, 2017) fresh and lively adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel will bring the entire family together this holiday season. 

    Age Recommendation: 10+. This play realistically depicts family squabbles, with a little light romance along the way, and focuses on characters who are beloved but not always likable as they push against each other and the expectations of their era.

    Production Advisory: This production contains stage haze and the use of an e-cigar.

    Youth Guide: Check out the show's synopsis, history, articles, and more in the Little Women Youth Guide here.


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