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Show artwork for Wild

Take Me Out

November 6 - December 4, 2004

Bagley Wright Theater

Critically acclaimed playwright Richard Greenberg’s Tony Award-winning play is a deeply funny, provocative take on America’s favorite pastime: baseball. The boys in the locker room will never be the same when a young baseball star at the top of his game reveals a personal truth – he is gay. Ballplayer Darren Lemming decides to call a press conference that results in the shocking admission to the waiting media – “I don’t have a secret. I am a secret.” Take Me Out chronicles the fall-out from Lemming’s action as its ripples spread through the team, media and across the nation. This Broadway play is ultimately an American tale infused with a genuine passion for the game.

Cast and Production


Kippy Sunderstrom

Doug Wert

Darren Lemming

M. D. Walton

Shane Mungitt

Harlon George

Skipper/ William R. Danziger

Jack Davidson

Jason Chenier

Terrence Riordan

Toddy Koovitz

Charlie Kevin

Davey Battle

Charles Parnell

Mason Marzac

T. Scott Cunningham

Takeshi Kawabata

Robert Wu


Gene Gabriel


Ramon Fernandez


Scenic Designer

Scott Pask

Costume Designer

Jess Goldstein

Lighting Designer

Kevin Adams

Sound Designer

Janet Kalas

Associate Director

William Joseph Barnes

Stage Manager

Bret Torbeck

Assistant Stage Manager

Diana Johns