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The Constant Wife

April 2 - May 1, 2005

Bagley Wright Theater

Constance Middleton is a very rare creature – witty, intelligent and captivating. John, her husband, is having an affair with her best friend. John and Constance are totally devoted, but they have been married a rather long time. So what should she do? Neither the idea of accepting his infidelity nor throwing him out appeal to her; however, there may be another more effective and entertaining way of preserving her dignity… The Constant Wife is a bittersweet, brilliant social comedy that shows how fragile society’s expectations are when confronted with honesty and logic.

Cast and Production



Emily Ackerman


Anne Allgood


Allan Armstrong


Nicole Boote

John Middleton

Jonathan Fried

Constance Middleton

Ellen Karas

Mrs. Culver

Lori Larsen

Mortimer Durham

Charles Leggett


Bhama Roget

Bernard Kersal

Mark Elliot Wilson


Scenic Designer

Kate Edmunds

Costume Designer

Anna R. Oliver

Lighting Designer

Nancy Schertler

Sound Designer

Garth Hemphill

Stage Manager

Bret Torbeck

Assistant Stage Manager

Suzie Haufle