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Show artwork for Wild

The Great Gatsby

November 2 - December 10, 2006

Bagley Wright Theater

A green light shines at the end of Daisy Buchanan’s pier in East Egg, Long Island, in full view of the West Egg home of Nick Carraway across the sound. In the hot summer of 1922, Nick observes the elaborate parties of his neighbor, the infamous and illusive Jay Gatsby. In this languid atmosphere of wealth and privilege, Nick is charmed by Gatsby’s power to transform his dreams into reality, and becomes his ally in rekindling a relationship with Daisy. In Fitzgerald’s opulent, iconic, carefree lifestyle of The Jazz Age, there lurks a materialistic center, making The Great Gatsby’s sharp depiction of the “American Dream” resonate anew for each generation. In this first authorized adaptation since 1926, Simon Levy brings the humor, irony, pathos and loveliness of this American classic to the stage.

Cast and Production


Nick Carraway

Matthew Amendt

Daisy Buchanan

Heidi Armbruster

Jordan Baker

Cheyenne Casebier

George Wilson

Bradford Farwell

Meyer Wolfsheim

Seán G. Griffin

Tom Buchanan

Erik Heger

Mrs. McKee/Mrs. Michaelis

Gretchen Krich

Jay Gatsby

Lorenzo Pisoni

Myrtle Wilson

Kathryn Van Meter

The Saxman

David J. Wright III


Justin Alley


Anna-Lisa Carlson


Trick Danneker


Doug Fahl


Pamala Mijatov


Sabrina Prada


Scenic Designer

Tom Lynch

Costume Designer

Jane Greenwood

Lighting Designer

Scott Zielinski


Wayne Barker

Sound Designer

Scott Edwards


Seán Curran

Fight Choreographer

Geoffrey Alm

Stage Manager

James Latus

Assistant Stage Manager

Cristine Anne Reynolds