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Show artwork for Wild

Memory House

November 16 - December 17, 2006

Leo K. Theater

It’s New Year’s Eve, and Maggie, divorced and jobless, is facing the prospect having to live alone again as her adopted daughter Katia prepares to leave Maggie’s home. Katia is struggling to write a personal essay required for
her college application. As the clock ticks down to the postmark deadline, anxiety and emotions lurking beneath the surface begin to erupt. Memory House confronts the anguish and guilt we feel when we know our actions will hurt someone we love. Memory House was first developed at Seattle Repertory Theatre as part of the Women Playwright’s Festival.

Cast and Production



Jeanne Paulsen


Sharia Pierce


Scenic Designer

Matthew Smucker

Costume Designer

Marcia Dixcy Jory

Lighting Designer

Marcus Doshi

Sound Designer

Dominic CodyKramers

Stage Manager

Lisa Ann Chernoff