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My Name is Rachel Corrie

March 15 - May 6, 2007

Leo K. Theater

23 year old Evergreen College graduate (and Olympia, Washington native) Rachel Corrie went to the Gaza Strip to aid Palestinians whose homes were being destroyed in the conflict with Israel. In March of 2003, she was killed by an Israeli bulldozer. Combining an activist’s passion with an artist’s sensibilities, Rachel Corrie was a determined and caring young woman, trying to find a sense of truth and understanding in a very complex situation. This compelling story of a personal political journey is told through Corrie’s own words from her journals, as assembled by actor/director Alan Rickman and journalist Katharine Viner.

Cast and Production


Rachel Corrie

Marya Sea Kaminski


Scenic Designer

Jennifer Zeyl

Costume Designer

Harmony J. K. Arnold

Lighting Designer

L.B. Morse

Sound Designer

Obadiah Eaves


Nick Schwartz-Hall

Stage Manager

Amy Poisson