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Show artwork for Wild

Gem of the Ocean

April 5 - May 6, 2007

Bagley Wright Theater

Aunt Ester is 287 years old in 1907, and a survivor of the first slave ships to come to America. As a revered elder in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, she is also regarded as a washer of souls. When Citizen Barlow comes seeking sanctuary for a recent crime, Aunt Ester knows that the cleansing of his troubled soul will require a connection to his ancestors and to his history. So as the sound of the voices of men and women long dead transforms her parlor into a slave ship, she guides Citizen to experience, and understand, the sacrifices of his predecessors. Playwright August Wilson shows us that through poetry, rich character, and stage magic that history can act as a compass – and that to be without it is to be lost.

Cast and Production


Black Mary

Chrystal Fox

Solly Two Kings

William Hall, Jr.

Citizen Barlow

Khalil Kain


Stanley Wayne Mathis

Rutherford Selig

Todd Jefferson Moore

Aunt Ester

Michele Shay


Allie Woods


Scenic Designer

John Iacovelli

Costume Designer

Susan E. Mickey

Lighting Designer

Allen Lee Hughes

Sound Designer

Dan Moses Schreier

Production Sound Supervisor

Tim Prichard

Fight Choreographer

Geoff Alm

Music Composer and Arranger

Kathryn Bostic

Stage Manager

Elisabeth Farwell

Assistant Stage Manager/Stage Manager

Stina Lotti

Assistant Stage Manager

Amy Poisson

Assistant to the Director

Erin Kraft