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September 21 - October 21, 2006

Bagley Wright Theater

John Patrick Shanley’s 2005 Pulitzer Prize-winning Doubt (it also won the Tony Award as best play that same year) is a riveting exploration of paranoia and suspicion in the Catholic Church. Set in a Bronx parochial school in 1964—just as the Vatican II reforms begin to transfigure the Church—evidence of a priest’s wrongdoing comes to light. Sister Aloysius, a strict school principal and traditionalist nun, faces the decision of a lifetime: Does she openly accuse a priest and give voice to her fear of his sinful actions, or does she bury her suspicions and leave room for doubt? This intense and personal power struggle between Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn ultimately calls into question both faith and justice in the shadows of this cloistered institution.

Cast and Production


Father Brendan Flynn

Corey Brill

Sister Aloysius Beauvier

Kandis Chappell

Sister James

Melissa D. Brown

Mrs. Muller

Cynthia Jones


Scenic Designer

Michael Ganio

Costume Designer

Frances Kenny

Lighting Designer

Allen Lee Hughes


Michael Roth

Dialect Coach

Judith Shahn

Stage Manager

Bret Torbeck

Assistant Stage Manager

Cristine Anne Reynolds

Assistant Stage Manager

Jessica Bomball