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Show artwork for Wild

Blue Door

February 1 - March 4, 2007

Leo K. Theater

Lewis is a sleepless mathematics professor, restless during a night of personal and professional crisis. He has inadvertently conjured his ancestors. As four generations prod him with their disquieting stories of slavery, Black Power and academia, he begins to understand what it means to be black, both then and now. Tanya Barfield’s play is sparked by abundant humor and woven through with original songs, in a poetic depiction of one man’s exploration of his personal and cultural history.

Cast and Production



Reg E. Cathey

Rex, Simon, Jesse

Hubert Point-Du Jour


Scenic Designer

Narelle Sissons

Costume Designer

Toni-Leslie James

Lighting Designer

ML Geiger

Sound Designer

Ken Travis


Daryl Waters

Dialect Coach

Deborah Hecht

Stage Manager

JR Welden