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Learn about the New Work projects we have going on behind the scenes at Seattle Rep.


By Nick Malakhow
Private Virtual Reading  
October 2023 
A new play about the relationship between a mother and son, and how family secrets keep us from fully knowing those that we love the most. This Seattle Rep commission is funded through generous support from the Elizabeth George Foundation


By Lindy West  
Residency, Workshop, and Public Presentation  
September 2023 
Lindy West, the Seattle writer behind the novel and TV show Shrill and former film editor for The Stranger is back with a hilarious and poignant solo show, Every Castle, Ranked. In this pseudo-dissertation, she revisits the magical castles of her childhood daydreams, which now appear to be nothing more than creaky old military forts for rich dudes (plus some fascinating history of toilets). Read more »


By Donald Byrd 
Workshop and Invited Presentation  
December 2023 
Inspired by the many places he has lived and made work, Donald Byrd’s Seattle Rep New Directions Commission is a theatrical odyssey along the waterways of his life, explored with compassion, humor, seriousness, inventiveness, and joy.

untitled anthropocene play: a meditation on life cycles and immortal jellyfish

By Benjamin Benne
Workshop and Public Reading
January 26, 2024
Sean and Nathanael are cousins, born just a few weeks apart in 1988. Every year they visit the same beach in Southern California (first as children, then as adults) to swim in the ocean, eat carne asada, and witness how their lives, their bodies, and the natural world around them have changed year after year. Spanning 10 billion years in the life of the earth, Benjamin Benne’s Seattle Rep 20x30 Commission is a theatrical meditation on human and ecological transformation, intimacy between men, and the cycles of life and death that shape our existence. Read More »


By Ahamefule J. Oluo 
Workshop and Public Presentation  
February 9, 10, and 11, 2024
This solo musical and narrative stage show is a collection of seemingly unrelated stories and anecdotes that swirl and dance with a live musical score created through looped and effected trumpet, clarinet, and drums. Dark and humorous, uplifting and bleak, deep and silly, this work is about trying and failing to find order in chaos. Read More »