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As Seattle Rep celebrates 60 years this season, you can make a lasting impact for years to come by naming a seat in our newly renovated Bagley Wright Theater!

Each of the beautiful new seats in the Bagley Wright has room for a personalized plaque on the backrest. This opportunity comes along once in a generation. It’s the perfect chance to honor the relationships we’ve built and the memories we have made together over the years—all while supporting the future of our beloved Seattle Rep! With a specially named seat, a piece of you will always be at the theater.  

Donate $500 or more to name a seat!

Reserve your seat plaque now with a $100 deposit and pay the remaining balance later with 2 installments on May 15 and June 15, 2024 (or contact us to set up an alternate payment plan).

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Seat Location & Pricing Options

Gold: $1,800 per seat
$1,500 per seat
$1000 per seat
$750 per seat
$500 per seat


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Reserve My Seat Now!

Seat plaque text is determined by the donor but is subject to character limitations of 25 characters per line and Seattle Rep approval. All plaques will be installed during the final phase of our Bagley Wright Theater renovation in summer 2024.

Who Will You Name a Seat For?


What do I receive when I reserve my seat plaque?

You’ll receive an email from Seattle Rep confirming your donation and the inscription you chose. Each seat plaque is a personalized, engraved brass plaque fixed on the seat in the section that corresponds to your gift level.

What can appear on my seat plaque?

You may choose to inscribe your own name, yourself plus your partner or other family members, or you may recognize a relative, friend, company, etc. You may also use phrases such as “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” to further personalize your seat plaque. Show quotes, messages, etc., are not permitted. Seat plaque text is determined by the donor but is subject to character limitations and to Seattle Rep’s approval.

Where will the seat plaque be placed? 

Your seat plaque will be on back of a seat in the seat section that corresponds to your gift level. Plaques will be clearly visible to others. The location of your seat plaque will be communicated after installation and available to view at the start of our 2024/25 Season.

May I choose a specific seat for my plaque?

You may make a request for a specific seat location as long as the section corresponds with your gift level. We cannot guarantee specific seat locations.

May I purchase a group of seats? Is there a discount if I donate in support of more than one seat? 

Yes, you may purchase more than one seat and Seattle Rep will ensure that your seat plaques are grouped together. There is no discount if you purchase more than one seat.  

Will the seat that hosts my plaque become my seat for performances that I attend?

This is a naming opportunity only and does not imply ownership of the seat nor does it reserve the use of the seat for performances.

When will the plaques be installed? 

Seattle Rep replaced all seats in the Bagley Wright Theater in 2021 and 2022. We plan to install all plaques in summer 2024 when completing the final phase of our capital renovations in the Bagley Wright.

Will my plaque be permanent?  

The longevity of the plaques will correlate to this rendition of the newly installed seats. It is our hope that these seats will last at least as long as the previous ones, which were in place for 37 years.