20x30: Reimagining the Anthropocene

An ambitious new Seattle Rep commissioning initiative engaging 20 playwrights between now and 2030 to each write a play inspired by life in our moment.

Anthropocene is a term that suggests we have entered a new geological age where human activity is the dominant force shaping our environment. This commissioning project’s goal is to engage a diverse group of theater artists around the idea of the Anthropocene during what promises to be a pivotal and transformational decade for our nation and our world. What does this moment in time mean for each of us, and how is our experience differentiated by—or united across—race, culture, country, class, or generation?

Hear more from Artistic Director Braden Abraham about his thoughts behind the 20x30 program.

The first round of commissions will include work by playwrights Nathan Alan Davis, Larissa FastHorse, Zora Howard, Sylvia Khoury, and Mary Kathryn Nagle.


Meet the Playwrights

Nathan Alan Davis

Larissa FastHorse

Zora Howard

Sylvia Khoury

Mary Kathryn Nagle

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Seattle Rep does not accept unsolicited scripts. We read material from a variety of sources including agent recommendations, colleague theater seasons, the Kilroys List, and more. We are dedicated to considering work by BIPOC and female identifying/trans/non-binary artists and commit to that work representing at least half of the scripts read by our season planning committee.