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Abortion Rights and Healthcare: Panel Discussion with Local Artists and Advocates

On Tuesday, October 4, we hosted a post-show discussion with a cross-section of powerhouse abortion rights advocates as they deconstructed the themes of What the Constitution Means to Me and the role of storytelling in activism. 

If you are looking for support around these topics, please check out the organizations on our Constitution Resources list

“I think of policy as being the manifestation of story in law. And I think of law as being the things or laws that can change the stories of the future.” —Panelist Pramila Jayapal 

"I think at its deepest core, storytelling is sharing our experiences, but also so we know we’re not alone.”Panelist Mercedes Sanchez 

“Having a mother who had to endure the silence, sharing her abortion story at the age of 74, that silence is the way in which we keep our society and complacency. We keep people marginalized. And it’s so important that we vocalize those stories and those narratives to bind us, to humanize and to make sure that we bring them forth so that we can bring about progressive change.” Panelist Alexis Turla 

“I feel like sharing our stories is how we’re able to love one another. And if we don’t share our stories, the truth of our lives, we don’t give each other the opportunity to love and support one another.” Panelist Heidi Schreck 

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