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Show artwork for Wild

Over the Moon

November 13 - December 6, 2003

Bagley Wright Theater

George Finch has a problem.  Not only is he the worst artist ever to put paint to canvas, he hopes to put his bachelor days behind him.  It isn’t easy.  His girlfriend’s formidable step-mother hopes to snare her daughter an eligible English Lord. Our hero gets a helping hand from his servant, an ex-con named Mullett, and his pickpocket girlfriend Fanny.  P.G. Wodehouse’s delightfully farcical 1927 novel gets the royal stage treatment from playwright Steven Dietz who distills the snappy repartee and oddball situations into a whole new way to enjoy the comic original.

Cast and Production



Roberto Guajardo

Hamilton Beamish

Bob Sorenson

Officer Garroway

Jeff Steitzer

George Finch

R. Hamilton Wright

Sigsbee Waddington

Ken Ruta


David Pichette

Mrs. Waddington

Suzy Hunt

Molly Waddington

Liz McCarthy


Julie Briskman

Madame Eulalie

Kirsten Potter


Scenic Designer

Scott Weldin

Costume Designer

David K. Mickelsen

Lighting Designer

John McLain


Roberta Carlson

Sound Designer

Brian Jerome Peterson


Jennifer Lee Carrell

Dialect Coach

Dianne J. Winslow

Stage Manager

Glenn Bruner

Assistant Stage Manager

Wendiana Walker