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It Ain't Nothing but the Blues

April 8 - May 1, 2004

Bagley Wright Theater

From the Mississippi delta to the southside of Chicago, this Tony-nominated musical gives you the great sweep of blues history and reminds you what it is to feel.  It Ain’t Nothing But the Blues is a hand-clapping, cat-calling crash course in the history of this authentically American musical tradition.  This is the best of the best, filled to bursting with more than 40 blues numbers that will set your toes to tapping, your hands to clapping, and your fingers snapping.  Let loose with a wail ‘cause we’re gonna “Let the Good Times Roll.”

Cast and Production

The Ensemble

“Mississippi” Charles Bevel

Tamra Hayden

Debra Laws

Eloise Laws

Kingsley Leggs

Chic Street Man

Jewel Tompkins

Dan Wheetman

The Musicians


Joel Hoekstra


Charles T. Hopkins


Marc Moriva


Elgin Seals


Musical Director

Dan Wheetman


Donald McKayle

Scenic Designer

Robin Sanford Roberts

Costume Designer

David K. Mickelsen

Lighting Designer

Don Darnutzer

Sound Designer

Christopher Walker

Stage Manager

Michael B. Paul

Assistant Stage Manager

Suzie Haufle