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Show artwork for Wild

When Grace Comes In

October 7 - November 10, 2002

Leo K. Theater

The richly poetic tale of a woman who finds herself drowning in the complex and conflicting responsibilities of life as wife, mother, friend, and daughter.  Margaret Grace Braxton resists the tug of the waves at first, then gives herself over to the flood of images, memories, and dreams that make up her life.  A hauntingly beautiful play for anyone walking the tightrope of everyday responsibilities and a deep personal calling.

Cast and Production


Margaret Grace Braxton

Jane Beard

Claw Braxton

Tommy R. Fleming

Doune Braxton

Miriam Cohen Kiel

Halley Braxton

Amber Hughes

Simon/Paleontologist/Fabrizio Nacarelli

Kevin C. Loomis

Senator Bill Braxton

Mark Chamberlin

Roz Lapinski/Aunt Blossom/Doctor

Stephanie Berry

Belle/Italian Restorer/Aide

Anne Gee Byrd


Set Design

Dan Ostling

Costume Design

Frances Kenny

Lighting Design

Christopher Reay

Based on an Original Design by

Michael Chybowski

Original Music and Sound Design

Christopher Walker


Shirley Fishman

Stage Manager

Bret Torbeck

Production Assistant

Lisa Chernoff

Lighting Design Associate

L.B. Morse