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The Triumph of Love

January 13 - February 15, 2003

Bagley Wright Theater

Spirited Princess Leonide unjustly holds the throne of Sparta.  The throne's true heir, Agis, has been raised in secret by his uncle and maiden aunt.  When Leonide sees Agis, she falls instantly in love, but knows that he has been taught to despise her.  Disguised as a boy, Leonide weaves an increasingly tangled web of false oaths and mistaken identities, creating some very compromising positions, all in the name of love.

Cast and Production


Dimas, Hermocrate’s gardener

Burton Curtis

Harlequin, Hermocrate’s valet

Dan Donohue

Léonide, the Princess (in disguise as Phocion/Aspasie)

Jennifer Erin Roberts

Corine, her maid (in disguise as Hermidas)

Mary Bacon

Agis, Hermocrate’s ward

Adam Greer

Léontine, Hermocrate’s sister

Sharon Lockwood

Hermocrate, a philosopher

Frank Corrado


Scenic Designer

Thomas Lynch

Costume Designer

Martin Pakledinaz

Lighting Designer

Russell Champa

Sound Designer

Christopher Walker

Stage Manager

Bret Torbeck

Assistant Stage Manager

J.R. Welden

Assistant Lighting Designer

L. B. Morse

New York Casting

Paul Fouquet, C.S. A. at Elyssa Meyers Casting


Jerry Manning