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Romeo and Juliet

March 10 - April 20, 2003

Bagley Wright Theater

Passion. Romance. Violence. Vengeance. Despair. Death. Love. Shakespeare's most thrilling and romantic play is a masterpiece of poetry and a whirlwind of emotion.  In the midst of a bloody feud, fragile love unfolds.  Defying their warring families and their closest friends, two young lovers risk everything to be together. Artistic Director Sharon Ott, who delighted audiences with her visions of As You Like It and A Midsummer Night's Dream, lends her creative talents to one of the great classical stories of all time.

Cast and Production

House of Montague


James Ginty

Montague, his father

Allen Gilmore

Lady Montague, his mother

Amy Thone

Benvolio, Montague's nephew

Paul Morgan Stetler

Balthasar, Romeo's servant

Darragh Kennan


Cynthia Boorujy

Capulet, her father

Kevin Loomis

Lady Capulet, her mother

Suzanne Bouchard

Tybalt, their nephew

Hans Altwies

Nurse to Juliet

Laura Kenny

Peter, servant to the Capulets

Allen Galli

Escalus, Prince of Verona

Dan Kremer

Mercutio, kinsman to the Prince

Tom Story

Paris, kinsman to the Prince

Andrew DeRycke

Friar Laurence, of the Franciscan Order

Ted D'Arms

Friar John, of the Franciscan Order

Allen Galli

An Apothecary, of Mantua

Allen Gilmore


Barzin Akhavan


Anna Henare


Reginald Jackson


David Anthony Lewis


Jeffrey Woodard


Amanda Lee Wyckoff

Understudy: Balthasar, Paris, Male Ensemble

Barzin Akhavan

Understudy: Friar Laurence

Allen Galli

Understudy: Lady Montaguue

Anna Henare

Understudy: Montague, Apothecary

Reginald Jackson

Understudy: Benvolio, Peter, Friar John

Darragh Kennan

Understudy: Capulet, Mercutio

David Anthony Lewis

Understudy: Lady Capulet, Nurse

Amy Thone

Understudy: Romeo, Tybalt

Jeffrey Woodard

Understudy: Juliet

Amanda Lee Wyckoff


Set Designer

Ralph Funicello

Costume Designer

David Murin

Lighting Designer

Peter Maradudin

Sound Designer and Composer

Christopher R. Walker

Fight Director

J. Allen Suddeth


Stephen Terrel

Vocal Coach

Gillian Lane-Plescia

Stage Manager

Cristine Anne Reynolds

Assistant Stage Manager

Stephanie Toste