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Show artwork for Wild

Boy Gets Girl

February 10 - March 23, 2003

Bagley Wright Theater

Theresa goes on a blind date with Tony, but her life evolves into a nightmare when he refuses to take “no” for an answer.  From the acclaimed author of Spinning Into Butter comes an unsettling new play about modern urban life.  Hailed by Time Magazine as one the of top 10 plays of 2000, Boy Gets Girl is an unflinching look at the menace that may lurk behind a romantic encounter.

Cast and Production


Theresa Bedell

Liz McCarthy

Tony Ross

Joe Hickey

Howard Siegel

R. Hamilton Wright

Mercer Stevens

David Scully


Cleopatra Bertelsen

Madeleine Beck

Joanne Klein

Les Kennkat

Stephen Payne


Scenic Designer

James Noone

Costume Designer

Rose Pederson

Lighting Designer

Christopher Reay

Sound Designer

Mitch Greenhill

Stage Manager

Michael B. Paul

Production Assistant

Lisa Chernoff

Scenic Design Associate

Etta Lilienthal