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Open a Bottle, Start a Conversation

Open a bottle, start a conversation. We’re thrilled to partner with women-owned sustainable winery, Teneral Cellars during the run of What the Constitution Means to Me. Teneral is on a mission create wines that are a catalyst for connection and crucial conversations, while donating a portion of their proceeds back to organizations that fight for gender and racial equity. With their exclusive Ruthless Collection (inspired by the one-and-only Ruth Bader Ginsburg), they’ve put together a series of questions and topics to engage in meaningful conversations around some of the themes of #ConstitutionSREP. 

  1. What is the most courageous thing you have done?
  2. How can women get more involved in the legislative process to ensure that everyone, including our children, are safe and that gun rights are protected and controlled?
  3. What impacts on Women's lives are missing from the dialogue around Women’s rights and how can YOU make moves to mitigate those impacts?
  4. What does being“Ruthless” mean to you?
  5. What ACTION(S) will you take to fight for Women’s Fundamental Rights?
  6. What needs to be done to tip the scales for change in women’s rights?
  7. Do you fully understand your rights as a voter? What needs to be done to continue the push for federal legislation to protect voter’s rights?
  8. Are you directly affected by the gender wage gap? Would learning more about how to manage your finances or negotiate salary increases help? Do you think self-education is a band-aid or long-term solution to pay discrepancies?