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Behind the Scenes

3 Fun Facts about Bruce

From building docks to dying scarves, our shops are hard at work on Bruce! Based on Carl Gottlieb's The Jaws Log, this world premiere musical features disco-era fashion, seaside scenes, an original score, and some BIG surprises. Sink your teeth into these behind-the-scenes photos, learn three fun facts about the build, and secure your seats today.


1. Our shops are recreating Cape Cod on stage.

IMG 2064 1 s79jja

Our scene shop has been tasked with recreating Cape Cod on stage. This is just one of the docks that our scenic shop created to emulate the Cape. 

2. 70s patterns were brought from home to create original looks.

IMG 2141 einm0p

Many of the artisans in our costume shop brought in their own 1970s clothing/fashion patterns for inspiration.

3. Some of the costumes are hand-dyed to get the right style for the time period.

IMG 2091 eydzkw

To create these disco-era scarves, our Master Crafts Artisan/Dyer Brent Roberts hand-dyed each one using a variety of different dyes and techniques.


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