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Radio Golf

January 19 - February 18, 2006

Bagley Wright Theater

Set in the Hill District of Pittsburgh of the 1990s, Radio Golf focuses on a pair of real estate entrepreneurs who must decide whether to raze history or build upon it, while a mysterious, seemingly ancient man prods them to define who they are and what they stand for.

Harmond Wilks is a mayoral candidate and successful property developer, and with partner Roosevelt Hicks has a fail proof plan to jumpstart the revitalization of his decrepit childhood neighborhood. But when Old Joe enters their office, claiming to own the house on Wylie Street that is to be demolished, the men face choices that will challenge their own understandings of their heritage, their culture, and their future. The story concludes Wilson's powerful 10-play cycle chronicling the African American experience in the 20th century, and will be the ninth play in the cycle to be produced by Seattle Rep, with Gem of the Ocean the only title remaining that has not yet been presented by the theater.

Cast and Production

Cast and Production


Mame Wilks

Denise Burse

Harmond Wilks

Rocky Carroll

Roosevelt Hicks

James A. Williams

Sterling Johnson

John Earl Jelks

Elder Joseph Barlow

Anthony Chisholm


Scenic Designer

David Gallo

Costume Designer

Susan Hilferty

Lighting Designer

Donald Holder

Sound Designer

Dominic CodyKramers


Todd Kreidler

Vocal Coach

Erin Annarella

Production Stage Manager

Narda E. Alcorn

Stage Manager

Marion Friedman

Assistant Stage Manager

Michael B. Paul