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Show artwork for Wild


October 29 - November 26, 2005

Bagley Wright Theater

Prideful acts. Revenge. Remorseless power. The elements of tragedy are the bedrocks of drama. Perhaps no ancient tale has inspired more debate than the story of Medea; certainly no ancient tale has provoked more horror. Are Medea’s crimes beyond the measure of her injuries? And is her husband Jason without blame? Acclaimed playwright Ariel Dorfman (Death and the Maiden, Widows) conjures a place where a man and a woman are each faced with the truths of their lives and required to account for them. In this gripping new play, the power of language and the passion of conscience meet in a place where redemption is the only hope.

Cast and Production



Charlayne Woodard


Dan Snook


Production Designer

David Esbjornson

Scenic Designer

Nick Schwartz-Hall

Costume Designer

Elizabeth Hope Clancy

Lighting Designer

Scott Zielinski

Sound Designer

Stephen LeGrand


Rodrigo Dorfman

Stage Manager

Joseph Smelser

Assistant Stage Manager

Cristine Anne Reynolds