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Show artwork for Wild

9 Parts of Desire

March 18 - April 23, 2006

Leo K. Theater

Tyranny and war both come with extreme costs, and we often forget who pays.  From the outside looking in, it’s easy to view a nation’s population as some formless group, joined by a shared religion or language.  Writer/performer Heather Raffo spent 11 years conducting dozens of interviews on over four continents with Iraqi women. Her resulting “theatrical mosaic” depicts the realities of life in Iraq both under Saddam Hussein and since his ouster for several of these unique women, whose individual worlds have been frayed and fractured, sometimes beyond repair, by their country’s troubled history.  While their stories share a theme of survival against shocking odds, Raffo’s incisive distillation of their experiences shows us that both oppression and deliverance come with costs that may be too burdensome to bear, and their violent realities transcend something as simple as political polemic.

Cast and Production


Najla Said


Scenic Designer

Antje Ellermann

Costume Designer

Kasia Walicka Maimone

Lighting Designer

Peter West

Sound Designer

Obadiah Eaves

Sound Designer Associate

Stephen Bettridge

Voice and Speech Consultants

Judith Shahn and Lynn Soffer

Stage Manager

Melissa Goldhamer

Stage Manager

Nicole Dickerson

Production Assistant

Erika Stoll