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Show artwork for Wild

Last True Believer

February 11 - March 23, 2002

Leo K. Theater

While a young man attempts to understand his father’s mysterious suicide he provokes everyone close to him to re-examine their long-held beliefs about politics, memory, and love.  A post-cold war thriller.

Cast and Production


Philip Daniels

Terence Rigby

Jürgen Matheus

Peter A. Jacobs

Jessica Daniels

Liz McCarthy

Kevin Anderson

Coby Goss

Margaret Daniels

Lisa Harrow


Set Designer

Michael McGarty

Costume Designer

David C. Woolard

Lighting Designer

Brian Nason

Sound Designer

Chris Walker


Peter Golub


Mervin P. Antonio

Stage Manager

Michael B. Paul

Production Assistant

Lisa Chernoff

New York Casting

Avy Kaufman