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Show artwork for Wild

Beard of Avon

November 5 - December 23, 2001

Leo K. Theater

Did an uneducated country boy turned London actor really pen the greatest works of the English language?  Or was there someone behind the man?  If you loved the film Shakespeare in Love, then you’ll love this lively, comic romp about how Shakespeare’s plays may have come to be written.

Cast and Production


William Shaksper

Dan Donohue

Old Colin, Lucy, Ben Jonson, and others

Eric Ray Anderson

Anne Hathaway and others

Julie Briskman

Geoffrey Dunderbread, Lady Lettice, and others

Nick Garrison

Richard Burbage, Francis Walsingham, Michael Drayton

Ron Campbell

Henry Condel, Walter Fitch, Sir Francis Bacon, and others

Peter Crook

John Heminge, Lord Burleigh, and others

Robert Sicular

Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford

Laurence Ballard

Henry Wriothesley 3rd Earl of Southampton, Earl of Derby, and others

Jason Cottle

Queen Elizabeth I

Lori Larsen


David Gehrman


Set Designer

Kent Dorsey

Costume Designer

Anna Oliver

Lighting Designer

Robert Jared

Sound Designer

Chris Walker

Dialect Coach

Lynne Soffer


Christine Sumption

Production Stage Manager

Joseph Smelser

Stage Manager

J. R. Weldon

Production Assistant

Lisa Chernoff