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Show artwork for Wild

Don Juan

March 11 - April 13, 2002

Bagley Wright Theater

The infamous lover Don Juan defies every warning to change his wicked ways.  It’s not until the supernatural intervenes that the seducer even considers a moral about face.

Cast and Production

The Company

Mary Bacon

Cleopatra Bertelsen

Frank Corrado

Gilbert Cruz

Burton Curtis

Francesca Faridany

Cameron Folmar

Ray Gonzalez

Laura Kenny

Sean Mitchell

Adam Stein

Bruce Turk


Scenic Designer

Kevin Rupnik

Costume Designer

Anna R. Oliver

Lighting Designer

Amy Appleyard

Sound Designer

Christopher Walker


Daniel Pelzig

Fight Choreographer

Geoffrey Alm


Janice Paran

Voice Coach

Kate Wilson

Production Stage Manager

Joseph Smelser

Assistant Stage Manager

J R Welden


Jerry Manning

New York Casting

Elissa Meyers C.S.A.

New York Casting

Paul Fouquet C.S.A