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Ghosts Talkback: Trolls, Ghosts, Us: The Supernatural in Ibsen

Recently, Dr. Olivia Gunn gave an illuminating lecture entitled: "Trolls, Ghosts, Us: The Supernatural in Ibsen" following a performance of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts. During the talkback, Dr. Gunn explores the nuances of Ibsen's ideologies, how his travel throughout Europe influenced him, and focuses specifically on the connections between Ghosts and his 1867 play Peer Gynt. Notably, she touches on what parts of Ghosts, and Ibsen's work as a whole, still has relevance today, stating: 'What did people in the past bury, and now it’s coming out of the ground, and coming to light?' Watch this informative deep dive into Ibsen and Norwegian history below.