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Teenage Dick Reading & Media List

Librarians at Seattle Public Library created this list of books and films to enhance your experience of Teenage Dick. Read other adaptations of Shakespeare's Richard III, dive into themes explored in the play, and much more. 

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Teenage Dick  
by Lew, Mike
Book - 2019

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The Arab Shakespeare Trilogy  

by Al-Bassum, Sulayman
Book - 2014

Al-Bassum's trilogy includes an adaptation of Richard III set in the modern Middle East, in an unnamed oil-rich Gulf state.

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Disability Visibility
First-person Stories from the Twenty-first Century
Book - 2020

Published on the 30th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act, this collection of personal essays by contemporary disabled writers was edited by activist Alice Wong.

DRM zn0esy
The Disability Rights Movement
From Charity to Confrontation 
by Fleischer, Doris Zames
Book - 2011

In this updated edition, scholars Flesicher and Zames provide a comprehensive overview of the historical and ongoing movement to create a society inclusive of people with disabilities, bringing their narrative up to the 21st-century.

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Demystifying Disability 
What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be An Ally 
by Ladau, Emily
Book - 2021

"A guide for how to be a thoughtful, informed ally to disabled people, with actionable steps for what to say and do (and what not to do) and how you can help make the world a more accessible place." -- publisher's copy

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The Disability Experience
Working Toward Belonging  
by Leavitt, Hannalora
Book - 2021

"This nonfiction book for teens provides a history of disability, describes types of disabilities and examines the challenges faced by people living with disabilities." -- publisher's copy

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The Murders of Richard III 
by Peters, Elizabeth
eBook - 2004

DFRIII eb0jkn
Digging for Richard III 
The Search for the Lost King
by Pitts, Michael W.
Book - 2014

Trained archeologist Pitts has written a gripping account of the ultimately successful search for Richard III's burial site.

RIII lrbrgo
Richard III 
Streaming Video - 1995 

Richard Loncraine's adaptation of Richard III is set in England in the 1930s and stars Ian McKellen as Richard III and Maggie Smith as the Duchess of York.

RIIIV qslnrg
Richard III 
Streaming Video - 1955