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Sanctuary City Media List

Librarians at Seattle Public Library created this list of books and films to enhance your experience of Martyna Majok's Sanctuary City, playing at Seattle Rep from March 1 - 31, 2024.


DaughterInExile tuhgvd

Daughter in Exile: A Novel
by Adjapon, Bisi
Book - 2023
Privileged and in love, Lola leaves Ghana to wed her American partner, only to be left alone, pregnant, and undocumented. "Lola's fortitude sends a clear message that human kindness and compassion can make all the difference." —Booklist

AidaHernandez xjuvb3

The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez: A Border Story
By Bobrow-Strain, Aaron
Book - 2019
"This is a riveting and distressing account of one woman’s immigration nightmare, and a well-researched argument against the status quo in border security." —Publishers Weekly

AmericaIsNotTheHeart pcnlhh

America Is Not the Heart
By Castillo, Elaine
Book - 2018
"Three generations of women from one immigrant family trying to reconcile the home they left behind with the life they're building in America." —NoveList

TheUndocumentedAmericans csolx7

The Undocumented Americans
By Cornejo Villavicencio, Karla
Book - 2020
"Journalist Villavicencio draws on her background as an undocumented immigrant and Harvard University graduate to deliver a profoundly intimate portrayal of the undocumented immigrant experience in America." —Publishers Weekly

Patsy wrvoee

Patsy: A Novel
By Dennis-Benn, Nicole
Book - 2019
"Receiving her long-coveted visa to America, Patsy leaves behind her family in Jamaica, only to discover that life as an undocumented immigrant is not what her best friend had described." —NoveList

DreamWithMe xaghaq

Dream With Me
Streaming Video - 2021
Watch this streaming documentary to learn what happens to Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA, aka "Dreamers") recipient Saba after the Trump administration decided to rescind the program in 2017.

InfiniteCountry rldp9b

Infinite Country: A Novel
By Engel, Patricia
Book - 2021
"Moving their family to what they believe will be a safer but temporary home in Houston, two young parents are forced to choose between an undocumented status in America and returning to the violence of war-torn Bogotá." —NoveList

AnderSanti pskeiz

Ander & Santi Were Here: A Novel
By Garza Villa, Jonny
Book - 2023
"Two teens spark a romance made complicated by immigration police." —NoveList

InTheCountryWeLove oxv2fd

In the Country We Love: My Family Divided
By Guerrero, Diane
Book - 2016
Actress Diane Guerrero, known from "Orange is the New Black" and "Jane the Virgin," chronicles her youth and how her parents' deportation to Colombia impacted her childhood and political identity.

WeAreHereToStay y6fibn

We Are Here to Stay: Voices of Undocumented Young Adults
By Kuklin, Susan
Book - 2019
"In lengthy interviews, nine young adults recount their experiences of immigrating to the United States from Colombia, Ghana, Mexico, Independent Samoa, and South Korea and living as undocumented noncitizens." —Publishers Weekly

ElNorte wdigvb

El norte / The north
DVD - 2009
"Two close-knit siblings leave Guatemala in search of a better life in the United States." —Library Journal

PapersStoriesOfUndocumentedYouth yt51qc

Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth
Streaming Video - 2016
"Papers is the story of undocumented youth and the challenges they face as they turn 18 without legal status in the United States." —Kanopy

TheSunIsAlsoAStar lky37g

The Sun Is Also A Star
DVD - 2019
Based on the teen novel of the same name, The Sun is Also a Star follows the story of Natasha and Daniel, two teens who meet and fall in love the day before Natasha's family is to be deported to Jamaica.

DearAmerica n1jqee

Dear America: Notes of An Undocumented Citizen
by Vargas, Jose Antonio
Book - 2018
Sent to the United States as a child, Vargas didn't find out he was undocumented until he was a teenager. Then he went public in 2011. This is his story.

BeautifulCountry cozqs6

Beautiful Country: A Memoir
By Wang, Qian Julie
Book - 2021
"In this extraordinary debut, civil rights lawyer Wang recounts her years growing up as an undocumented immigrant living in 'the furtive shadows' of America." —Publishers Weekly


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