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Seattle Public Library

Ghosts Reading & Media List

Librarians at Seattle Public Library created this list of books and films to enhance your experience of Ghosts. Read enlightening biographies about the iconic playwright, Henrik Ibsen, or dive into more scripts and poetry like Ghosts. Check out the list below!

GHOSTS ibuqkw
A Family Drama in Three Acts
by Ibsen, Henrik
Book - 1983

The script of Ghosts, for your reading pleasure.


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Henrik Ibsen: The Man and the Mask
by Figueiredo, Ivo de
Book - 2019

Enjoy this full-scale literary and historical approach to the works, life, and times of Ibsen, written by prize-winning Norwegian literary critic and historian, Ivo de Figueiredo. 


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Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen
Streaming Video - 2011

Want the perfect thing to do after watching Ghosts at Seattle Rep? Look no further. Now you can watch a different production of Ghosts from home!


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Lyric pieces
by Grieg, Edvard
Music CD - 2015

What kind of music would the Alvings play in their parlor? Mostly likely piano works like these by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, Ibsen’s contemporary and collaborator who wrote the incidental music for Ibsen’s 1867 play Peer Gynt.


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Henrik Ibsen
A Concise Biography
Streaming Video - 2011

Get a quick introduction to Ibsen’s life, work and lasting influence on modern theatre in this short streaming video.

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Henrik Ibsen
Master Playwright
Streaming Video - 2005

Ibsen biographer Michael Meyer narrates this program about the development of Ibsen’s style over the course of his career from his early struggles to his epic plays to sociological works like Ghosts and A Doll’s House and beyond.


index 2 kykxs5
Four Major Plays
by Ibsen, Henrik

Book - 2008

In addition to Ghosts (1881), this collection includes A Doll’s House (1879), Hedda Gabler (1891) and The Master Builder (1892), reproduced from the Oxford editions of Ibsen’s plays.


image proxy 2 y1dzid
Immortal Ibsen
Streaming Video - 2005

This documentary pays tribute to Ibsen's immense dramatic legacy, through interviews with actors and director as well as snippets of various productions of his plays, including a Royal Theatre of Denmark production of Ghosts.


index 3 nvbo6i
The Turn of the Screw
by James, Henry
Book - 2011

The “ghosts” in Ibsen’s play are figurative, while the existence of the ghosts in James’ classic gothic novel remains ambiguous. However, both of these works deftly explore the grave consequences of the resurfacing of dark, hidden family secrets.


index 4 ikzxgy
The Judi Dench Collection
DVD - 2007

This 8 disc DVD set includes the 1987 BBC production of Ghosts with Judi Dench as Mrs. Alving and Kenneth Branagh as her son Oswald.


index 5 ud5bzr
So Much Longing in So Little Space
The Art of Edvard Munch
by Knausgård, Karl Ove
Book - 2019

Norwegian painter Munch (“The Scream”) was greatly influenced by Ibsen’s plays and strongly identified with the character Oswald Alving in Ghosts. Knausgård, a well-known Norwegian novelist, explores Munch’s life and work in this brief study. 


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Youth and Exile
Streaming Video - 1984

This short streaming video gives a concise overview of Ibsen’s life and work and presents a few scenes from Ghosts accompanied by a discussion of the playwright’s stage techniques.