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Show artwork for Wild

Photograph 51

February 1 - March 3, 2013

Leo K. Theater

An intriguing portrait of British scientist Rosalind Franklin and her—often overlooked—role in the discovery of DNA’s double helix structure. This complex tale explores how Franklin, a smart, stubborn, and courageous woman, operated in a field dominated by men. A balance of the historical, romantic, and scientific, Photograph 51 is a touching human play of ideas.

Cast and Production


Rosalind Franklin

Kirsten Potter

Maurice Wilkins

Bradford Farwell

Don Caspar

Aaron Blakely

James Watson

Ben Harris

Ray Gosling

Brian Earp

Francis Crick

MJ Sieber


Scenic Designer

Scott Bradley

Costume Designer

Deb Trout

Lighting Designer

L.B. Morse

Sound Designer

Matt Starritt

Stage Manager

Whitney Breite

Stage Management Intern

Rebecca Rowlett