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Show artwork for Wild

Inspecting Carol

November 23 - December 23, 2012

Bagley Wright Theater

Get your holiday cheer on with this hilarious, madcap comedy! Behind the scenes of a struggling theatre’s annual slapdash production of A Christmas Carol, rehearsals are at a standstill. Tim is no longer Tiny, Scrooge wants to do the play in Spanish (Feliz Navidad), and their funding is on hold pending an inspection. This laugh out loud spoof makes for a night at the theatre that is anything but show business as usual.

Cast and Production


Larry Vauxhall

Ian Bell

Kevin Emery

Burton Curtis

Phil Hewlit

Chris Ensweiler

Luther Beatty

Hank Fialkow

MJ McMann

Peggy Gannon

Wayne Wellacre

Stephen Hando

Betty Andrews

Kathy Hsieh

Walter Parsons

Reginald André Jackson

Luther Beatty

Nathaniel Kelderman

Dorothy Tree-Hapgood

Kimberly King

Zorah Bloch

Gretchen Krich

Sidney Carlton

Michael Winters


Scenic Designer

Carey Wong

Costume Designer

Catherine Hunt

Lighting Designer

Robert J. Aguilar

Sound Designer

Matt Starritt

Vocal Coach

Gin Hammond

Movement Coach

Geoffrey Alm

Music Director

Matt Giles

Stage Manager

Jessica C. Bomball

Assistant Stage Manager

Whitney Breite

Stage Management Intern

Rebecca Rowlett

Artistic Intern

Gavin Reub

Child Actor Guardian

Kaytlin McIntyre