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Youth Works Festival

June 25 & 26

Leo K. Theater

See original youth-written works from some of the region’s most talented young writers at Seattle Rep's inaugural Youth Works Festival

Performance tickets are free for youth (24 and under) and $8 for adults.

Performance Tickets

Get tickets for individual performances or a Full Festival Pass, giving you access to all performances. Learn more about each play below.

Party In the Bathroom
June 25 at 2 p.m.
The Sasquatch Society
June 25 at 6 p.m.
Roots and Speak Your Truth Open Mic
June 25 at 7:30 p.m.
Roots and The Sasquatch Society
June 26 at 2 p.m.
Party in the Bathroom
June 26 at 7 p.m.
Full Festival Pass (all performances) Tickets

Student Workshop Registration

Calling all teens and young adults! In addition to attending the above performances, you have the option to register below for additional interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions, and more taking place throughout Youth Works Festival weekend from June 25–26. Learn about local internships or creative opportunities in the Seattle area and develop connections with fellow passionate young artists. 

workshop registration

Workshops for youth 24 and under only.

About the Plays

Party in the Bathroom

Party in the Bathroom follows an unlikely grouping of high school students navigating their personal lives within the safety of their cherished gender-neutral bathroom. When the school board's threat to close the bathroom comes to the surface, the students band together to try and rescue their sanctuary of porcelain thrones and comical graffiti. Party in the Bathroom is a story about pursuing change and developing community in unlikely spaces.

The Sasquatch Society

The Sasquatch Society is a secret middle school club dedicated to investigating urban legends in the Seattle area. In fact, it is so secretive that only two people know about it: Edward, the founder, and Corrie, the only other person who was interested. In pursuit of Sasquatch, they start a bootcamp, hijack a bus, pitch a tent, hatch a pyramid scheme, etc. Along the way, Corrie and Edward grow individually and as friends, learning that proving yourself can come in many different forms. Join us for this quirky, heartwarming world premiere. Produced in partnership with Penguin Productions.


Roots is a solo performance and collection of poems about identity and how where you come from can influence who you are as a Person, and how it affects you as you grow.

Speak Your Truth Open Mic

Show your skills and express your creativity! The Speak Your Truth Open Mic invites young artists ages 24 and under to celebrate art with their peers, showcase their skills, and delight in the artistry of others. Whether you want to step on stage to sing a song, dance your heart out, perform a scene, showcase your comedy skills, or even eat mac and cheese while yodeling and doing cartwheels - the only limit is your imagination! Come to watch, perform, or both. No advance registration is required to participate.

Meet the Artists

Party In the Bathroom

Beezus B. Murphy


Braden Colaner


Heba Al-Sheblawy


Nova Rietberg


Lukas Warren


Lucy Sera


Thea Frances Yumang


Leah Thomison


Malia Silva


Shalonia Wonch

Stage Manager

Donovan Olsen

Production Manager

Kendall Cherry

Assistant Stage Manager

Hersh Powers

Assistant Director

The Sasquatch Society

Auburn D'Artell


Rudy Sorensen


Hersh Powers


Anna Klein


Kyle Gerstel

Co-Director, Producer

Adrian Martin

Stage Manager

Henry Roseman


Valentine Wulf


Noah Chandler



Kendall Cherry

Festival Staff 

Alex Lee Reed – Executive Producer 
Nabra Nelson – Producer 
Anna Klein – Producer  
Donovan Olsen – Production Manager 
Antonieta Carpio – Production Manager 
Ellie Hughes – Production Manager  
Lily McLeod – Lighting Designer  
Adam London – Carpenter 
John Smalls – Carpenter  
Craig Bradshaw – Lighting Operator / Programmer 
Nathan Ramos – Sound Operator / Programmer 
Mark Krida – Sound Operator / Programmer  
John Tavares – Stage Supervisor  
Deanna Martinez – Festival Coordinator 
Orion Bradshaw – General Support 
Sara Albertson – Marketing Strategist  
Shalonia Wonch – Photographer & Stage Manager  
Allyson Brown – Wellness Coach & Mentor  
Sayed Alamy – Photographer 
David Purdy – Videographer 

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Youth Works Festival

Learn more about the youth workshops offered and how you can get involved.