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Braden Abraham*
Artistic Director
Jeffrey Herrmann
Managing Director



Donovan Olsen Senior Administrative Coordinator - Temporary




Kaytlin McIntyre*

Associate Artistic Producer

Hattie Claire Andres

Manager of Artistic Programming

Shawna Grajek 
Casting Associate
Paul Adolphsen Literary Manager & Dramaturg
D.A. Navoti 2022/23 Native Artist-in-Residence
Cheryl L. West Artist Under Commission – Public Works
Paris Dozier Artist Under Commission – Public Works 
Nathan Alan Davis Artist Under Commission – 20x30 
Larissa FastHorse Artist Under Commission – 20x30 
Zora Howard Artist Under Commission – 20x30
Sylvia Khoury Artist Under Commission – 20x30
Mary Kathryn Nagle Artist Under Commission – 20x30
Amy Freed Artist Under Commission – 20x30
Julia Izumi Artist Under Commission – 20x30
Benjamin Benne Artist Under Commission – 20x30
Donald Byrd Artist Under Commission – New Directions
Valerie Curtis-Newton Artist Under Commission – New Directions
Taibi Magar  Artist Under Commission – New Directions
Carey Perloff  Artist Under Commission – New Directions
John Douglas Thompson Artist Under Commission – New Directions
Vickie Ramirez Artist Under Commission – Elizabeth George Foundation
Vivian J.O. Barnes Artist Under Commission – Elizabeth George Foundation
Nick Malakhow Artist Under Commission – Elizabeth George Foundation
Justin Huertas Artist Under Commission
Samantha Silva Artist Under Commission



Melissa Husby Director of Development
Amy Bokanev Individual Giving Director
Sarah Bednar Corporate Partnerships Director
Katelyn Woods Donor Stewardship & Events Manager
Darragh Kennan Major Gifts Officer
AnnaClaire Laush Annual Giving Manager
Stevi Costa Grants Manager
Theodore Strack-Grose Grants Associate
Carleena Manzi Donor Services Specialist
Emily Hall Development Coordinator


Arts Engagement


Nabra Nelson

Director of Arts Engagement

Deanna Martinez Associate Director of Arts Engagement, Youth & Community
Gabrielle Moore Arts Engagement Associate
Anamaria Guerzon Teaching Artist
Annika Pritchard Teaching Artist
Divya Rajan Teaching Artist
Darby Sherwood Teaching Artist
Annie Jankovic Teaching Artist
Donovan Olsen Teaching Artist
Fatema Metwally Teaching Artist
Gabrielle Duong Teaching Artist
Andrew Coopman Teaching Artist
Orion Bradshaw Teaching Artist
Antonieta Carpio Teaching Artist
Teague Parker Teaching Artist
Sara Albertson Teaching Artist
Hannah Votel Teaching Artist
Kekoa Dilay Teaching Artist
Meg Thompson Teaching Artist
Bethany Hystad Teaching Artist
Jonathan Rizzardi Teaching Artist
Kaelyn Langer-Mendonca Teaching Artist
Jo Ben-Shmuel Teaching Artist
Jesica Avellone Teaching Artist
Eloise Cooper Teaching Artist
LaNita Hudson Teaching Artist
Tatyana Emery Teaching Artist


Finance & I.T.

Vinita Gupta Chief Financial Officer

Chun Wang

Accounting Manager

Dennis Asis

Senior Accountant

Vernon Calivo Staff Accountant



Rica Wolken Director of I.T.


Business Operations


Evan Cartwright

Business Operations Director

Joanna Barnebey

Data Operations Manager

Amelia Wade

Development Operations Manager

Lori Gicklhorn

Data Processing Coordinator


Human Resources & Operations

James Wolf Chief People Officer
Octavia Graham Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Zacharee Simms Office Administrator
Kimberly Patch Human Resources Generalist
Blanca Chavez PATP Program Coordinator
Sean Little Facilities Operations Manager
Tony Morse Maintenance Technician
Ashley Burns COVID Safety Manager
Anna Ladokhin COVID Safety Assistant Manager


Marketing & Communications

Lexi Clements* Director of Marketing & Communications
Angela Nickerson Creative Director
Noelle McCabe Patron Communications Director
Allison Dunmore Digital Director
Matt Wrightman Sales & Patron Experience Director
Eliane Rodriguez Communications Manager
Richie Carpenter* Web Production Specialist
Sayed Alamy Graphic Designer
David Purdy Video Producer
Michelle Sanders Communications Public Relations


Patron Experience

Nathan Smith Patron Services Assistant Manager
Danielle Reinkens Patron Services Lead
Joel Curry Patron Services Specialist - Development
Aaron Frisbie Patron Services Specialist – Public Works
Jeremy Berdin Patron Services Specialist – Production/Artistic
Emma Catanzaro Patron Services Specialist
Veliere Crump Group Sales Contractor


Audience Services

Kiefer Harrington Audience Services Manager
Matty Sythandone Audience Services Assistant Manager
Megan Wright Audience Services Lead




Sann Hall

Director of Production

Jolene Obertin**

Properties Director

Robert J. Aguilar*

Lighting Director

Nova Dobrev

Costume Director

Stina Lotti*

Production Stage Manager

Ariel Bui

Company Manager

Yuko Ariga

Production Finance Associate

Lily McLeod

Lighting Associate

Mike Hase

Associate Technical Director

John Tavares

Stage Operations Supervisor

Vida Alapour

Production Purchaser

Ellie Hughes

Production Management Assistant


Costume Shop

Celeste Jackson-Moody Costume Design Associate
Scott Arend Bagley Wardrobe Supervisor
Naomi Weber* Tailor/Draper
Lisa Lockard* First Hand
Laura Mé Smith** First Hand
Brent Roberts Master Crafts Artisan/Dyer
Joyce Degenfelder** Wig Master
Sarah Gladden** Costume Stock Manager



Karla Davenport Properties Assistant
Angela Zylla Properties Artisan
Joel Herrera* Properties Artisan
Albiann Tully Properties Artisan


Scene Shop

Joel Wilmot Scene Shop Foreperson
Patrick Robinson* Scenic Carpenter
Randy Reece* Master Scenic Carpenter
Ari Lidz Scenic Carpenter
Brian Ainslie Scenic Carpenter
Joseph Leporati Scenic Carpenter


Scenic Paints

Ruth Gilmore* Charge Scenic Artist
Mo Wilhelm* Lead Scenic Artist
Beth Peterson* Scenic Artist


Stage Crew: Bagley Wright Theater

Noel Clayton** Master Stage Carpenter
Brandon Yamashita Master Electrician
Britt Lawrence Electrician/Swing Technician
Jeremiah Foglesong* Master Properties
Nathan Kahler* Head Audio Engineer
Tony Smith Head Flyperson


Stage Crew: Leo K. Theater

Mark Krida* Head Audio Engineer
Anna Freelund Master Electrician
Adam London Master Stage Carpenter


Public Works


Inji Kamel

Director of Public Works

Lia Sima Fakhouri Public Works Manager
Aviona Creatrix Rodriguez Brown Public Works Teaching Artist
Aimee Hong Public Works Teaching Artist
Shaunyce Omar Public Works Teaching Artist
Vincent (VJ) Orduña Public Works Teaching Artist
Nina Williams-Teramachi Public Works Teaching Artist
Dedra Woods Public Works Teaching Artist



2022/23 Professional Arts Training Program

Talia Colten

Public Works Apprentice

Faith Elder

Development Apprentice

Lucas Esperanza

Directing/Artistic Apprentice

Rosemary Jones

Stage Management Apprentice

Bri Olson

Youth Engagement Apprentice

Phallen Reed

Properties Apprentice

Daira Rodriguez Directing/Artistic Apprentice
Mel Williams Lighting Design Apprentice
Max Zamorano Stage Management Apprentice

*Indicates an employee of 10 or more years.
**Indicates an employee of 20 or more years.

The cast of As You Like It (2019). Photo by Bronwen Houck.