Seattle Rep Staff


Braden Abraham*
Artistic Director
Jeffrey Herrmann
Managing Director

Artistic • Arts Engagement • Production • Executive • Human Resources • Finance and Operations • Information Technology • Marketing and Communications • Business Operations • Patron Experience • Development • Professional Arts Training Program


Artistic Staff


Elisabeth Farwell-Moreland*

Producing Director

Kaytlin McIntyre

Director of Casting and New Play Development

Hattie Claire Andres

Assistant to the Artistic Director & Artistic Associate

Angie Kamel Public Works Director
Lia Fakhouri Public Works Associate
Julia Thornton Resident Music Consultant
Constanza Romero Associate Artist
Hal Brooks Associate Artist
Christopher Breyer Consulting Dramaturg
Marco Collins Artist Under Commission
Wendy Goldberg Artist Under Commission
Lily Houghton Artist Under Commission
Justin Huertas Artist Under Commission
C.A. Johnson Artist Under Commission
Hansol Jung Artist Under Commission
Brian Quijada Artist Under Commission
Matt Schatz Artist Under Commission
Samantha Silva Artist Under Commission
Ruby Rae Spiegel Artist Under Commission
Cheryl L. West Artist Under Commission
Anna Ziegler Artist Under Commission




Nabra Nelson

Director of Arts Engagement

Alex Lee Reed Youth Engagement Manager



Sann Hall Production Manager

Brian Fauska*

Technical Director
Robert J. Aguilar Lighting Director
Tyler Krieg Assistant Production Manager
Wiley Associate Technical Director
Stina Lotti Production Stage Manager
Yuko Ariga

Production Coordinator

Artist Relations


Christy Bain**

Director of Artist Relations

Ariel Bui

Artist Relations Associate


Jon Zucker** Scene Shop Foreman
Denny Hartung**

Master Shop Carpenter

Patrick Robinson*

Scenic Carpenter

Randall Reece

Scenic Carpenter

Michael McKenna

Scenic Carpenter

Joel Herrera

Scenic Carpenter

Costume Department

Denise Damico* Costume Department Director
Emily Blanche  Assistant Costume Department Manager
Danielle Nieves Costume Design Associate
Naomi Weber Taylor/Draper
Christina Hobbs Draper
Jim Westerland Draper
Lisa Lockard** 1st Hand
Laura Mé Smith** 1st Hand
Julia Tremarco First Hand/Stitcher
Anji Wetherill Stitcher
Ivy Ash Stitcher
Val Mayse Stitcher
Kay McGuire Stitcher
Rachel Smith-Ferri Stitcher
Sarah Gladden** Costume Stock Manager
Joyce Degenfelder** Wig Master
Jenn Hill Hair/Wig Crew
Brent Roberts Costume Props Artisan/Dyer
Kellie Dunn Costume Props/Dyer Assistant
Maggie Carrido Adams Dresser
Imelda Daranciang* Bagley Wright Wardrobe Supervisor
Cindy Sabye* Leo K. Wardrobe Supervisor



Jolene Obertin**

Properties Director

Karla Davenport

Properties Assistant
James Severson* Properties Artisan
Nicolette Vannais* Properties Artisan
Angela Zylla Properties Artisan

Scenic Arts


Maureen Wilhelm*

Lead Scenic Artist

Ruth Gilmore

Charge Scenic Artist

Beth Peterson

Scenic Artist

Stage Crew: Bagley Wright Theater


Noel Clayton

Master Stage Carpenter

Dave Scamporlina

Master Electrician

Jeremiah Foglesong*

Master Properties

Nathan Kahler*

Head Audio Engineer

Tony Smith

Head Flyperson

Stage Crew: Leo K. Theater


Joel Wilmot

Master Stage Carpenter

Desirae Brownlee

Master Electrician

Mark Krida

Head Audio Engineer

Stage Management


Jessica C. Bomball


Caitlin Denney-Turner


Rachael Dorman


Jeremiah Givers


Maria Gray


Zachary Jenkins


Stina Lotti


Adrienne Mendoza


Michael B. Paul


Cristine Anne Reynolds


Shellie Stone


Brenda K. Walker


Erin Zatloka




Alyssa Bostwick Executive Assistant & Board Liaison


Human Resources

Stuart Jennings Interim Director of Human Resources



Gina Haggerty Acting Director of Finance & Operations

Gi Hara**


Wollansa Chekol

AP Coordinator

Supriya Hariharan



I.T & Operations

Colin Warriner*

Information Technology Director

Sean Little

Facilities Supervisor

Ingrid Richter

Information Technology Coordinator


Debra Forman



Marketing & Communications

Andrew Haines Director of Marketing & Communications
Steve Brown Marketing & Advertising Director
Rowena Yow Content & Communications Director
Michelle S. Leyva Publicist
Shannon Loys Lead Graphic Designer
Angela Nickerson Creative Director
Noelle McCabe Marketing & Communications Manager
Richie Carpenter Web Production Specialist
Allison Dunmore Digital & Social Media Manager
Veliere Crump Group Sales Manager
Catherine Huber Marketing & Communications Assistant
Olivia Mangione Graphic Design Assistant


Business Operations


Evan Cartwright

Business Operations Director

Joanna Barnebey

Data Operations Manager

Timothy V. Norris Jr.

Data Resources Manager

Linnea Ingalls

Gift Processing Specialist


Patron Experience

Claire Koleske Patron Services Director
Marcus Williams Patron Services Manager
Sutton Vie Patron Services Assistant Manager
Sara Albertson Patron Services Specialist
Sprite Autenreith Patron Services Specialist
Alyssa Hall Patron Services Specialist
Emily Hall Patron Services Specialist


Front of House

Lance Park Audience Services Director
Tony Morse House Manager
Zacharee Simms House Manager
Haley Thomas House Manager
Ellie Savidge ASL Interpreting Coordinator



Jamie Herlich McIalwain Director of Development
Melissa Husby Associate Director of Development
Sarah Bednar Corporate Sponsorships Director
Kate Neville Institutional Partnerships Director
Darragh Kennan Donor Relations Officer
Janet Shaughnessy Donor Relations Officer
Heather Seethoff Events Manager
Anna Strickland Donor Stewardship Associate
Lori Gicklhorn Grants Associate
Chris Quilici Donor Services Specialist
Ben Swenson-Klatt Development Communications Specialist
Sarah Wright Individual Giving Assistant


Professional Arts Training Program

Reed Flores Directing/Literary
Yanci Huezo Youth Engagement
Gabrielle Duong Scenic Arts (Paint)
Jamie "James" Coblentz Scenic Arts (Props)
Abigail Wang Lighting Design
Annika Perez-Krikorian Directing/Casting
Anna Vraney Stage Management
Madisen Crowley Stage Management
Alyssa Woodbury Development
Antonieta Castillo Carpio Production Management

 *Indicates an employee of 10 or more years.
* Indicates an employee of 20 or more years.
Bold indicates member of the Leadership team.