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Seattle Public Library

True West Reading List


Librarians at Seattle Public Library created this list of books, music, and films to enhance your experience of the show!


 TrueWestCover p3pqvy
True West
by Shepard, Sam
Book - 1981

The script of True West, for your reading pleasure.

 TheBlackLight bzfws0
The Black Light
by Calexico (Musical group)
Music CD - 1998

Calexico’s bluesy, Latin-inflected desert noir makes the perfect soundtrack for that lonely road trip across the Mojave, in search of lost hope.

 BlackListed x28ktk
Black Listed
by Case, Neko
Music CD - 2007

“I’m a dying breed who still believes – haunted by American Dreams.” Case’s plaintive melodies harmonize well with Shepard’s plays.

 Townie htqt0f
A Memoir
by Dubus, Andre
Book - 2011

Renowned author Dubus recounts his hardscrabble youth growing up without a father on the bad side of town.

 Whiskey tgvagp
by Holbert, Bruce
Book - 2018

Battling brothers Andre and Wendell trade barbed words and blows, a modern Cain and Abel in Electric City, WA.

 Hud ec3hsr
DVD - 2003

Father clashes with ne’er-do-well son Hud Bannon (Paul Newman), in this epic tale of contemporary cattle country.

 LonelyaretheBrave cgcldv
Lonely Are the Brave
DVD - 2009

Lee’s favorite film – er, movie - is a masterful anti-romantic western starring Kirk Douglas, adapted by Dalton Trumbo from Edward Abbey’s 1956 novel The Brave Cowboy.

 Nebraska u9f9zn

In this offbeat film, a father drags his son on a doomed road trip to claim a sweepstakes prize, only to stumble upon unexpected treasure.

 OnceUponaTime r1ckkz
Once Upon A Time
The Western: A New Frontier in Art and Film
Book - 2017

This beautiful coffee table book explores the iconography and significance of that quintessential American myth, the Western.

 MotelChronicles bdzc17
Motel Chronicles
by Shepard, Sam
Book - 1982

This visceral, revealing collection of stories, poems and autobiographical sketches was published shortly after the premiere of True West.

 TheOneInside d1y0rw
The One Inside
by Shepard, Sam
Book - 2017

A brooding writer, a dead father, sex, death and mayhem as coyotes howl in the background: this elegiac novel is pure Shepard.

 TheFighter pryqr2
The Fighter
A Novel
by Smith, Michael F.
Book - 2018

An aging cage-fighter puts it all on the line to save his family home. Grit-Lit at its finest and most haunting.

 TheToasterProject vsvmbw
The Toaster Project
Or A Heroic Attempt to Build A Simple Electric Appliance From Scratch
by Thwaites, Thomas
Book - 2011

Inspired by True West to do a little toaster rustling? While we don’t recommend it, Thwaites explains why it is probably better than trying to build one from scratch.

 LetHimGo yyjogk
Let Him Go
A Novel
by Watson, Larry
Book - 2013

After losing her son in a horse-riding accident, Margaret Blackledge heads to Montana to rescue her grandson from a clan of menacing outlaw in-laws.