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Warring Brothers: Toxic Masculinity and Art

Listen to an audio recording taken at Seattle Rep Tuesday, January 28 after the performance of True West.

Warring Brothers: Toxic Masculinity and Art

Masculinity is a complex idea that can be empowering or debilitating in its sometimes idealistic qualities. When masculinity puts undue societal pressures on people of all genders, it can be toxic. In True West we see this manifest in the two warring brother characters, a trope in art that portrays a struggle for power resulting from a desire for dominance.

Join local thought leaders in a panel discussion on True West, the male self, and toxic masculinity:

  • Marcus Williams, Director and Playwright 
  • Naomi Hume, Associate Professor of Art History at Seattle University
  • Charlie Stebbins, Theater artist
  • Mark Cohan, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at Seattle University