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KUOW: Drawing the Line on Progress, for Certain Citizens

In partnership with Seattle Rep, KUOW hosted a conversation in-studio on the legacy of redlining in Seattle, including readings from August Wilson's Jitney.


Jitney is a story of a business that emerged in response to redlining practices and is being forced to close due to gentrification. Set in 1970s Pittsburgh, it is a story that resonates in 2020s Seattle. Local leaders discuss the history and legacy of redlining and gentrification, and reflect on what we want the new decade to look like in our city.

KUOW's moderator Zaki Hamid spoke with:

  • Diane Sugimura, Former Director of Seattle's Department of Planning and Development
  • Inye Wokoma, Co-Founder of Wa Na Wari
  • Vivian Phillips, Communications and Arts Advocacy Consultant

With excerpts from Jitney read by performers:

  • Ronnie Hill
  • Brandon Jones Mooney
  • Malcolm J West
  • Alex Lee Reed