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Language as Culture

Listen to an audio recording taken at Seattle Rep Friday, October 24 after the performance of Indecent.

Language as Culture: The History and Importance of Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino

As a multi-lingual play, Indecent highlights the importance of language in culture and religion. Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino have an especially unique history and significance that we will explore in this in-depth discussion.

  • Sasha Senderovich, Assistant Professor of Slavic, Jewish, and International Studies at the University of Washington
  • Devin Naar, Isaac Alhadeff Professor of Sephardic Studies and Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies at the University of Washington
  • Marianne Tatom, Yiddish language instructor at Seattle Central College and Congregation Beth Shalom
  • Harvey Niebulski, Native Yiddish speaker and klezmer musician