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Islander in the Press

Check out what the press is saying about Islander, on stage at Seattle Rep through November 19, 2023. This post will be updated with more news as it comes out!

The Seattle Times:

"This is a genuinely vibrant show, full of life, and it’s made by two people and a lot of cords and black boxes and buttons and pedals."

"Two voices closely intertwining, soaring upward together over a foundation of their own making"

"Looping technology creates this show’s rich, mille-feuille harmonies live on stage"

Broadway World:

"Two women not only inhabit over 25 characters, switching seamlessly at the drop of a pin, but also managing some outstanding vocal acrobatics as well as handling all the looping right before our eyes and ears."

"Incorporating elements of traditional Scottish and folk music as well as some pop and electronic styles is no small feat, but Finn Anderson [music & lyrics] handles it flawlessly"

"Killer voices and exceptional storytelling prowess"