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Sanctuary City in the Press

Check out what the press is saying about Sanctuary City, on stage at Seattle Rep through March 31, 2024. This post will be updated with more news as it comes out!

Broadway World:

"Each of these actors bring in a presence, a likeability, and a raw vulnerability to their roles"

"Magnificent staging from Chiang who not only kept the pace from ever dragging but whose staging also created a kind of beautiful dance"

"Fantastic set from Sara C Walsh, to some wonderfully character defining costumes from Christine Tschirgi, to the aforementioned seemingly simple yet well planned lighting from Chih-Hung Shao, to an incredibly immersive sound design from André Pluess, the harsh realities of their world is brought to heartbreaking life."

Seattle Times:

"Desdemona Chiang's delicate, hyper-specific touch as a director - poetic." 

"The rhythm is like music, fast and propulsive, building to a crescendo until, bam, something slams on the brakes. In a short amount of time, we see the history and strength of a yearslong friendship, both what it was and what it’s becoming."

"Lighting designer Chih-Hung Shao and sound designer André Pluess, whose sharp work shifts moods and energy — subtly but unmistakably — in an instant, keeping us on pace with storytelling when it’s rapid-fire."

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