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Dear Julie: Premade Meals

Dear Julie,

I have a dilemma. I am a good cook. Not fantastic, but good. My husband compliments me on dinner just about every night. My older daughter, when she lived at home, thanked me after every meal. With the pandemic I have cooked every single night. Then I decided to try a pre-prepped meal. My husband commented on how good it was. I simply smiled. Then I tried a second pre-prepped meal and this time my husband said I was really getting to be a gourmet cook. I just smiled. My dilemma is: do I tell my husband the truth or do I just continue to smile?

Hungry for your advice.


Dear Hungry,

First of all, good for you, cooking every night! That in itself is something to be proud of.

Whether it’s pre-prepped or not, YOU are putting it together and getting it on the table, so I say good for you!

I mean does your husband cook? Or, is he, like my Dad, the guy that can’t even go through a buffet line on his own?

You know what I’m talking about.

For example, if you had to go out of town (back when we could go out of town) for a business trip, would you prepare a week’s worth of dinners to put in the freezer for him, and NOT just because you’re thoughtful, but because, really, if you didn’t, THEN what?

Is the fact that he can handle cold cereal in the morning—though for some reason INSISTS on using a long iced tea spoon with his Cheerios—cause for celebration?

Did he once get confused by a muffin at a hotel breakfast bar because it was wrapped in Saran and his daughter had to unwrap it for him?

Am I revealing too much of my childhood...?

So, back to your question, the answer is no.

No, you do not need to tell him these are pre-prepped meals.

Absolutely not.

If, however, your secrecy extends to making purchases at Bed Bath & Beyond, and then hiding them in the trunk ‘til you can sneak them inside when he’s not looking, we should talk.

With Much Love and Support,