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Show artwork for Wild

at Intiman Playhouse


February 14 - March 26, 2000

Cast and Production


Myrrha and others

Anjali Bhimani

Midas and others

Raymond Fox

Selinus and others

Doug Hara

Aphrodite and others

Hallie Beaune Jacobson

Cinyras and others

Chris Kipiniak

Alcyon and others

Louise Lamson

Hermes and others

Barry Alan Levine

Ceyx and others

Erik Lochtefeld

Eurydice and others

Eurydice and others

Therapist and others

Lisa Tejero


Scenic Design

Daniel Ostling

Costume Design

Mara Blumenfeld

Lighting Design

T.J. Gerckens

Composer & Sound Design

Willy Schwarz

Sound Design


Stage Manager

Anjali Bidani

Assistant Stage Manager