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Show artwork for Wild

King Charles III

November 11 - December 18, 2016

Bagley Wright Theater

“The Queen is dead, long live The King!” After a lifetime of waiting, Prince Charles finally ascends to the throne, flanked by wife Camilla, sons William and Harry, and daughter-in-law Kate. The Prime Minister proposes legislation designed to restrict the freedom of the press, which the newly crowned sovereign opposes, subverting the understood rules of British democracy. Written in blank verse, this smash Broadway and West End hit and the 2015 Olivier Award winner for Best New Play presents a modern take on the future of the British Royal Family.

Cast and Production


King Charles III

Robert Joy


Jeanne Paulsen

Prince William

Christopher McLinden


Allison Jean White

Prince Harry

Harry Smith

James Reiss

Dan Hiatt

Prime Minister Evans

Ian Merrill Peakes

Spencer / Kebab Seller / Others

Rafael Jordan

Cootsy / Sir Michael / Others

Jefferson Farber


Michelle Beck

Mr. Stevens

Bradford Farwell

Ghost / Newspaper Woman / Others

Chiara Motley

Sir Gordon / Speaker of the House

Martyn G. Krouse


Rudy Roushdi


Ayo Tushinde


Scenic Designer

Daniel Ostling

Costume Designer

Jennifer Moeller

Lighting Designer

Lap Chi Chu

Original Music / Sound Designer

Mark Bennett

Movement Director

Lisa Townsend

Associate Director

Sivan Battat

Associate Sound Designer

Charles Coes

Stage Manager

Jessica C. Bomball

Assistant Stage Manager

Michael John Egan