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Show artwork for Wild

Tiny Beautiful Things

May 17 - June 29, 2019

Leo K. Theater

Anonymous online columnist “Sugar” receives thousands of letters asking for advice, and with her own particular brand of brutal honesty and incisive empathy, helps those seeking guidance for life obstacles both large and small. It is later revealed that “Sugar” is author Cheryl Strayed (Wild). Based on the best-selling book by Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things is a luminous play that personifies the unfathomable questions that are at the heart of being human.

Cast and Production



Julie Briskman

Letter Writer

Chantal DeGroat

Letter Writer

Justin Huertas

Letter Writer

Charles Leggett


Scenic Designer

L.B. Morse

Costume Designer

Alison Heryer

Lighting Designer

Robert J. Aguilar

Sound Designer

Sharath Patel

Stage Manager

Jessica C. Bomball