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Show artwork for Wild


October 18 - November 17, 2013

Leo K. Theater

Think your family is crazy? Wait until you meet Bo-nita’s. It’s not every 13-year-old who can claim a belly-dancing grandma, ex-jailbird mom, and a Cajun philosophizing semi-ex-stepfather as kin. And not every actress can bring seven unforgettable characters to life. Let Hannah Mootz take you on one wild memory-fueled night in Bo-Nita. It’s a trip you won’t forget.

Cast and Production



Hannah Mootz

Understudy to Bo-Nita

Kayla Lian


Scenic Designer

Jennifer Zeyl

Costume Designer

Harmony Arnold

Lighting Designer

Robert J. Aguilar

Sound Designer

Matt Starritt

Video Designer

Leo Mayberry

Dialect/Voice Coach

Judith Shahn

Stage Manager

Christine Anne Reynolds